Hyd – whhhhhhhhat?

I just returned from our local AUGI user group meeting. The subject was on Civil 3D 2009 Hydrology. The subject was well presented and received, but it was waaaaaaaay above my head 🙂 Being in a room that is primarily PE’s generated the deep-searching questions.

I did glean some stuff from the presentation though which; if it’s simple enough for my brain to comprehend, it will be okay to post here – lol

1. Create your Drainage area using the catchment area calc and then turn it into a parcel! Use a separate site name so that it doesn’t interfere with your other site stuff. Create a nice looking label using parcels. like DA1 (Name), and Drainage area.

2. When laying out your pipe network, a recommended method is to create a network, place ONE structure on your drawing – it doesn’t matter where! Use the good old AutoCAD Copy, move, rotate and (dare I say) mirror to get your structures where you want them. The Structure names will be real funky, but that can be edited later. Then go back and edit that network and add pipes only. Make sure you add them upstream to downstream if you are going to bring into Hydra.

That’s it for this post.

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