EECast: Introducing EE ProPack Hydro!

EE’s programming guru Joshua Modglin will present the latest tool in the EE arsenal, the EE ProPack Hydro. Check out the latest in C3D H&H automation!

The HydroPack includes tools to automating Area, Time of Concentration, and Runoff Coefficient calculations. After extracting the data from the Civil 3D model you can easily bring it into the Storm Sewer extension for hydraulic analysis.

HydroPack also includes an advanced Floodway/Floodplain mapping tools. Round trip your data from Civil 3D to HEC-RAS to Civil 3D and then do even more! Automatically generate floodplain/floodway boundaries; calculate floodplain storage; and more!

There are a bunch of other cool tools, including an improved stage storage calculator that works directly with the Hydrographs extension and more!

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