EE ProPack Growing Pains

With all software and its development, there are a few hiccups along the way. Those hiccups just come with the territory with software development. What we at EE are trying to change is our responsiveness to these issues. Would you like to hear about an example??

On Monday during our EE Cast we experienced an issue with EE ProPack. Mark was showing the cool tool QuickGroups. This tool will create all your point groups by determining how many unique characters there are in each point’s description. (Watch a video here, minute 5:11)

As Mark tries to run the tool, the tool errors out (it is a nice and pretty error also)!

Needless to say, that wasn’t what we were going for. During our review of the function we found that if there is a Point object in the drawing that has an empty description, our little tool would not work.

We immediately got to work on it and now QuickGroups can handle points with empty descriptions. This revision will be provided in our next update.

As always, what we are trying to do is not just build awesome software but a relationship with our users so that we can respond to your needs as promptly as possible.

…Now back to my coding dungeon (I would not have it any other way)!!


  1. Jon Duddles says:

    please check zoom to google earth with state plane coordinates. it zooms to the wrong location.

  2. Jon,
    When you are in Paper Space, then the coordinates read are your paper space coordinates. Thus you will end up much nearer to 0,0 of the state’s coordinates.

    However, even in a Paper Space Layout when you click through into your viewport the ZoomToGoogleEarth function will be accurate in its approximation.

    This is as designed.