A Wise Word

I have been playing tech support today trying to solve the riddle of a old project that was, then wasn’t and now is back in production.   The problem today has been the rotation and coordinate system across a number of files. 

imageThe original technician that was on the case used a lot of surface edits to add imaginary points, flip faces, and delete points to make the final grade surface look pretty.  Most of those additional points could have been feature lines, or actual design data that could be added to the model. 

Do I need to say it – be careful using Add/Flip/Delete TIN Faces.

Unless you keep the transform surface, these points don’t move!

As an aside, I could have moved the Add Points to the Top and reordered the transformation to follow those Add Points and then added the remaining surface pastes, and feature lines.  But I didn’t.

One comment

  1. Rick Jackson says:

    Nice to know this problem still exist – Adesk should really fix this since we may work in one coordinate system/bearing base to get a job started and later convert it to another. Its all part of computing the boundary of the site.