Monday Morning Rundown: AU, Facebook, & EECasts

There’s a ton of stuff on my blogging plate, so I’m getting it out of the way. Plus, I want to make the early morning Feedburner release. I’ve got AU, Twitter, EECast, and more AU items. Oh, and some freebies to unload on the viewing public. Read on catch the highlights!

So, what’s on the talk sheet for Monday?

  • EE @ AU: It’s that time again, and since so many of you wound up crashing the booth last year that our Bring the house to its feet in Rock Bandneighbors complained, we’re upgrading. Come visit us in the double-wide and rock out to RockBand on the Wii during all exhibit hall sessions. Did I mention we’re giving the Wii away at the end of AU?
  • The whole social network thing has had a resurgence of late amongst my friends at home. I’ve resisted for years (got a blog, got photos on the .mac site, etc.) but I finally caved in and opened an account so I could keep up with my old college friends and my drinking buddies down the way. Since it’s got stuff from my family etc, I don’t plan on sharing it with the whole world. You want to add me to your list? Check out twitter or linked in.
  • EECasts start again today. We’ve got the rest of the year scheduled out, but you’ll only see three at a time pop up on the registration page, so check back often. Oh, and someone who comes to this week or next week is going to get a pass to attend AU on EE, so….

So, what’s on your run list today?


  1. Mark Jung says:

    So how long does it take to register for the EEcast? I saw that there was a EEcast this morning about 5 minutes before it started. So filled out the form that you always have to fill out for these things (wish it would remember your info here) and thought the email would be arriving shortly….. well it’s been about an hour and a half later…. I guess watching this one live isn’t going to happen. Hopefully the pass to AU will be drawn next week 🙂

  2. It’s a semi-manual process to approve and get the e-mails out. Sorry you missed it today, there are two more weeks of EECasts before we draw a winner.