Jason, EE, and Autodesk

Well, here I am again typing a post about EE and Autodesk. On October 13, long-time Civil3d.com contributor, EE Consultant and friend, Jason Hickey started his new job at Autodesk as a Product Support Specialist for Civil 3D. 

Jason has been a mainstay on this blog, providing valuable insight into the nether-realm of the survey features of Civil 3D, as well as general tips and tricks, helpful solutions and all around sound advice that has helped make this blog so useful.

I recall meeting with Jason shortly after he started his own blog. We talked about providing relevant content and not just regurgitating the press-releases put out by Autodesk marketing. Shortly thereafter, James and he decided that joining together on one blog was the best way to serve end users and his posts since then tell the rest of that story.

As a consultant for EE, Jason was an important member of our technical team. He was a contributor to the first Mastering Civil 3D book, wrote or contributed to many of the AOTC coursewares created by EE, created and taught our EE Survey class and always helped our clients get the most out of Civil 3D.

On the personal front, Jason was more than just a member of the team. He was also a friend not just to me but to everyone here. He will be missed.

Please join me in wishing him good luck at Autodesk!


  1. I also like to count Jason among my friends and I wish him nothing but the best in his new career.

  2. Rick Graham says:

    Congratulations to Jason!

  3. kevin clark says:

    Congrats to Jason! James, I hope your getting a good finders fee from Autodesk.

  4. Brian Miller says:

    Sincere Congrats to Jason! AutoDesk is getting one of the best.

    Brian S. Miller
    CAUGNO Group Leader
    (Civil AutoCAD Users Group of Northwest Ohio)
    Toledo, Ohio

  5. Rene Nelson says:

    Congrats Jason, you’ve come along ways since we first met in the discussion groups YEARS ago.

    Best wishes and keep in touch.


  6. John Mayo, PE says:

    Best wishes Jason.