ENR: This Years Bad News Gets Worse in 2009

Here’s an interesting (depressing?) article from ENR. Are you seeing this tightening play out in your local market? Chicago land development is very slow.  What does this mean for the Civil 3D community of users or those looking to move to a more efficient cad system?




  1. Lisa Pohlmeyer says:

    This should help ease things in Texas a little, at least as far as TxDOT transportation projects are concerned. Follow the link: http://www.txdot.gov/news/069-2008.htm

  2. Just to amplify Lisa’s good news, Forbes Magazine recently examined the country’s 50 largest metro areas to identify the “economically healthiest cities” and Dallas-Forth Worth, San Antonio, Austin and Houston ALL made the top 10 list. These top 10 cities are areas that Forbes considers practically “recession-proof”. The magazine studied unemployment, job-growth, home price data and metropolitan product growth. (Source: Forbes, Matt Woolsey 04/29/2008)