Standardizing Your Company – The Final Post

In last week’s post we discussed the importance of following through with the implementation of new CAD standards by….well being there.  The process has come full circle so what’s next?  We’ll discuss after the jump.

Remember that this whole approach keys on modularization.  Wow…that’s a big word for a Friday.  The main idea here is to attack standardization in bite-sized pieces.  That includes development, rollout, and support.  And it’s not just your end users that need bite-sized pieces, you need them as well.  What I’ve taken you through in this series is the development and rollout of a single piece.  Now that that’s been accomplished, the next step is to simply start all over again with the next piece.  In fact, you should have already started.

The iterations can certainly overlap, in fact it’s more efficient if they do.  While your end users are getting used to the new file management standards, your CAD committee should already be a few months into layers, or whatever is next.  No rest for the weary, right?  In the amount of time it takes the end users to become acclimated to one piece, you’ll be ready to roll out the next one…and then another one, and another one.

Won’t that take forever?  Doesn’t that mean it’s going to take like 3 years for the standardization effort to be complete? Yep.

But think about this, would you rather have 10% compliance in 3 months or 90% compliance in 3 years?  How much better off will you be in 3 years?

Best of luck with standardizing your company.  I hope those of you who have been reading this series have gotten some useful insight.


  1. Allen Robberson says:

    Can we get all the post for standardizing your company in a easy to real downloadable pdf??

  2. Allen,
    We’ve already looked at pulling this together into a PDF, and it will likely be made available to our CivilAccess customers.
    As a note to all members, please remember that all content on is owned by EE and the respective authors, and may not be republished without our permission. Thank you for respecting the effort we go to to deliver quality content on a regular basis at low cost to you.

  3. James passed this a long to me which was a follow up question from one of our Readers: “Where would you start? What should we tackle first?” Great question, with an easy answer…start at Post # 1! This series was designed to take you through the process in chronological order. The first post covers why standardization is important. Post two guides you an assessing how good your standards currently are. Then post 3 is where you start actually doing stuff – getting support at the top of your company – a make or break requirement.

    You can get to all the posts by typing “Standardize Your Company” in the search field on the home page.

    Good luck with standardizing your company!