Open Close Save Hotfix

Autodesk released this Hotfix last week with this short, somewhat cryptic explanation:

Description of Problem: AutoCAD 2009-based products crash and a Customer Error Report (CER) message displays. This hotfix prevents a fatal error from occurring in AutoCAD® 2009-based products.

You can download the fix after the jump.

Link to fix:

Be sure to read the Readme file before you do anything.





  1. Somewhat cryptic? Beyond the fact that I just recieved a CER Technical Solution email last night – I still don’t know what this solves – the error I had neither opened nor closed a file.

  2. Bryan Scott says:

    Same here, mine was upon saving a file, then closing. The fix for me was to right click on a dwg file and turn off the verify digital signatures part for cad drawings. I wish cad for Mac would return… Maybe, with Windows 7 operating system on the horizon…..

    Oh well, I’ll just keep downloading the hotfixes, “updates”, windows updates, virus definitions, and so on and so on until maybe someday the world comes together…

  3. There have been instances where the Open, Close, and Save file dialog boxes have caused AutoCAD to crash. I did not notice them until after Update 1. My thought is that this HotFix corrects that issue.

  4. Cristian Otter says:

    I’ve had several crashes with saving a project containing 2,5 kilometers of tunnel. It only happened with one sort of step in mine design and then when I tryed to Save it.
    I hope this bug fix the problem.

  5. Mark Jung says:

    We saw this problem yesterday.
    Installed Civil 3D and update 1 on a new PC. As soon as we tried opening a dwg Civil 3D crashed before the “Select File” dialog even opened. The Hotfix fixed the problem.