Corridors Can Be Pretty Too: The Data

Some weeks back, I did an EECast on Corridors and Code Sets. During this seminar, I showed how to use the combination of Marker Styles, Feature Line Styles, Link Styles, and Shape Styles to build a Code Set Style. I also promised to put my drawing up on the blog for our CivilAccess customers so they could download it to play. CivilAccess customers can grab my data after the jump.

Not sure what happened to the first post, but here’s the drawing. There are two big things that I think you have to remember:

  1. You need to look at all the pieces: markers, links, shapes, feature lines to build a code set that does what you’re after.
  2. Once a corridor is built, the FL tab of the corridor object controls which FLs get drawn, not the code set. The code set only applies the first time out!

Enjoy, and thanks for being part of CivilAccess!

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