Contours as Artwork and Housewares

OK, so it’s not really C3D related, but it’s at least field related. Fluidforms out of Austria, has what I think might be the first ever bowl with land development appeal. Based on a Google Map, satellite data, and your own settings for the exaggeration, etc., you get to design your own bowl. While I couldn’t get the pricing or modeling links to work, perhaps you can. There’s also a German version of the site, so perhaps one of our European readers could help me out and send me the link to the builder? I really want to see my neighborhood done up like this!

Edit: It’s all about shockwave. I managed to get it loaded on my VM, and I’m really impressed. Not sure I’m 230Euro impressed just yet, but what a cool merge of tech and craft and all that jazz. JW

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  1. Andreas Jaritz says:

    Hi, this is Andreas from Fluid Forms.

    As an article in WIRED Magazine was published recently about Fluid Forms, we had to adopt our system (guess why? ;)).
    Unfortunately it was published a few days to early…

    The problem you have is already solved. The older version of the builder only worked with Flash 9. Now we’ve changed the system and it should work as well with older Flash versions.

    If you still have problems please contact us ( We always appreciate feedback of users!!!