C3D 2009 Update 1

Looks like I heard the right song. Update 1 is here. Sic ’em!

Link probably will take a bit to download, but at least you can read the readme.


  1. Mark Jung says:

    Finally…. hope it fixes alot of bugs…. it’s downloading as I’m writing this…. fingers crossed 🙂

  2. Joshua Reese says:

    What is with the language name change to “Update 1” from “Service Pack 1”?

  3. Tim Reeves says:

    And don’t forget to read the “readme”. You have to manually move the MapExport file to another directory.

  4. The name change is spin, nothing more. Service pack implies broken objects to be serviced. Update just means we’re adding new stuff. It’s inane in my opinion, but it’s dictated across the corporate line of “Updates” this year.

    Eyeroll in 3…. 2…. 1….

    Welcome to Autodesk.

  5. chris wallis says:

    1st thanks for the info & link to the update

    ok, after loading the service pa..uh… update 1 my civil3d says “version2” ..yes 2… in the product information dialog. In map it says “0” & LDD says “0” – shouldent the Map & LDD show something? – i mean was there not base acad enhancements in the update?

    & layer group filters still dont werk…(i mean “c’mon!”)

    thanks again for the info on this update!

  6. chris wallis says:

    ok sorry – i understand a separate update is avail for LDD & Map….(?)

  7. Chris –

    Layer Filters are available in CLASSICLAYER. But you have to turn it on: “There is a command called CLASSICLAYER. This command should bring you the older Layer Manager with all of the commands. However, to get this to work correctly, we need to modify the Registry slightly. To add the required Windows Registry:
    1. On the Start menu (Windows), click Run.
    2. In the Run dialog box, enter regedit. Click OK.
    3. Find the following subkey:

    4. Double-click the ADT String Value.
    5. In the Edit String dialog box, in the Value Data text box, enter AecLayerManagerEx.dll and click OK.
    The next time you launch Civil 3D, type CLASSICLAYER. You should now get a new dialog box that has the correct commands. Keep in mind that the “old” civil layer manager will still function as before. You can modify the CUI to add a button or change the Layer Toolbar to launch this Classic Layer Manager instead, although it will not be dockable.”

  8. Jon Rizzo says:

    Interesting that the C3D update was posted before Map. Also interesting that the term “update” was chosen to imply that stuff is being added, not fixed. Autodesk used to argue that the stock market would not allow them to add new functionality without charging money for it. Since they can’t add anything, and the term “update” implies that they’re not fixing anything, what on earth DOES it contain?

  9. Jon Rizzo says:

    That post was supposed to have a (tic) at the end, but I guess it got stripped because it looked like an HTML tag.

  10. chris wallis says:

    Matthew –

    thank you!

    I’ll give ‘er a shot!

  11. Has anyone noticed that Pipe Module Pipe Labels for Inside to Inside is Broke? Is this an unintended affect of SP1? We just caught it yesterday. 117 Posts on the Discussion Boards about it.