Spot Slope Label in Profile

We are working on a roadway extension project for a site that only has a stub street.   We have the EG ground sampled and the profile view has been created.  My proposed grade needs to start from the end of the street’s concrete apron and needs to match the existing slope or I need a transition area.

But I want to label only that first existing tangent. How do I label this one short little segment.  

This question stumped me for a minute. 

Okay, it wasn’t one minute, but it was just long enough to change my witty saying in Gtalk with the question before it hit me.  I would like to label the existing roadway ONLY here.image

There isn’t anything under Annotation -> Profile View allows me only to label the Station Elevation and Depth.  Surface Slope Labels don’t label profiles.  Where’s my label?  My HP 48 is staring back at me…

The trick is to Add labels to the existing profile. Just limit the labels to the stations you want.  (In this case – my existing profile only needs One Label)


Just add Line Labels for each segment that you specifically need or add the entire set of segments and weed it.  For this project, I need specificity! 


There – I now have my label of the existing road before my new tangent.  Oops – Looks like I need redesign my profile! 


  1. Matt,
    That is a cool find and a work-around that I’ll probably use. But I don’t understand why we can’t label individual profile grade segments, like we would a pipe segment. Why, you ask? What if you had to show matched grades on both ends of the profile? What if I wanted to label a profile grade twice (i.e. I want the grade to show up in 2 different viewports)? What if you’re tired of the profile labels resetting to their original locations (after you just moved them to where they could be read) just because you changed a profile grade down the alignment? Sorry for that last rant, but is it too much to ask for labels to stay where you put them? Pipe labels behave themselves (stay dragged) and can be copied, why are profile labels “special”.

    BTW, I did manage to answer my own question – you can start and stop labels at multiple points along the profile by editing the labels and adding the same label type with different start and stop station ranges. It’s a little tricky, your 1st (lowest station) PVI has to be in the station range, but your 2nd one doesn’t.

  2. Ha! I answered my own question again. You can put multiples of the same label on a single profle line by adding the same label twice to the set of stations. Still, it would be nice to be able to add a single slope label to a profile tangent.