Please Reset Your Password

I accidentally plugged in the coffee pot as our web team was rebooting the database server and sort of fried a few things. So, you’re gonna need to reset your password, OK? Your username is now the e-mail address you used to sign up. Your old username WILL NOT work.


Actually, we’re in the process of tying together the main EE site ( and to common user databases. In the process we had to reset user accounts and permissions so we can avoid duplicates, spam accounts, etc. All (and I mean all, including you admins and authors,) user accounts have been reset to a username matching your e-mail address. This means you’ll need to reset your password to go along with it.

Click here to visit the Member Services page and reset your password. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we hope you’ll take it as a minor hiccup to gaining access the best free C3D information on the net.

Thanks for being part of the group, and for bearing with this change.


  1. Chuck Smith says:

    The username field is case-sensitive. I could not reset my password until I entered all of my email address in lowercase. Maybe it must match exactly what you had on record for your account (from the first time you registered)?

  2. Kevin Spear says:

    What? no one giving James a hard time for this? Man you guys are forgiving. 🙂