Looking for a past AU handout?

Looking for a past AU handout? I stumbled across what looks to be a complete listing of all the class handouts (that are publicly available) in a nice, concise “table of contents” website.


While this looks like part of AUGI’s international site, I’ve pulled the link until we figure out if they had permission to post said materials. -JW


  1. R.K. McSwain says:

    That is a copy of the CD that was distributed after AU.

    They failed to post this part: “Duplication of this product and its content in print or digital form for the purpose of sharing with others is prohibited without permission from Autodesk, Inc.”

  2. lynn graham says:

    i sure would like to have one of those disc from 2007
    anyone know where i could get one?

  3. The easiest way to get 2007 stuff – attend 2008 and get it all on AU Online.