Get Smart: Join Us For Today’s EE-Cast

Please Join us for Today’s EE-Cast “Get Smart: Intelligent Grading with Civil 3D”.  You can register here.

On the agenda for today…

  1. Best practices for successful grading designs
    1. Using progressively more detailed stages to build you grading model
    2. Breaking your design into parts to make the design simpler
    3. Avoiding overly complex solutions
  2. See how these practices will allow a complete overhaul of a grading design in 5 minutes or less.
  3. Lots of grading tips and techniques along the way

See you there!


  1. Bob Fickenscher says:

    Are you going to post the EE-cast for todays presentation and will it have the audio working in the recording? I lost audio in the middle of the presentation. Thanks

  2. Patrick Lau says:

    I too lost the audio part way through.

  3. We will be rerunning this same EECast next week. We’ll make sure a registration link is up very soon. Thanks for your patience.

  4. Eric,
    Thanks for the information in today’s webcast. I set it up for a group to watch in our conference room, but we were late to the party (my mistake for sending out the webinar link to someone else), so the technical difficulties were actually a good thing. We listened on the phone as well, so there weren’t any audio problems.

    One question did come up – when you setup parking lots with a generic grading object (say, 2% slope away from the pad), how would you best add low spots for inlets or other deviations? Realistically, sites are never as simple as just 1 or 2 slope patterns. Maybe you would consider a follow up webcast that takes your base surface and adds gutters, low spots, flat accessible routes, or other deviations from the 2% slope.