Dana, EE and Autodesk

Dana called me yesterday with some exciting news.

She has accepted a full-time position with Autodesk as a Technical Marketing Manager!

She starts August 11. (Her last EE duty with be the EECast on 8/6).

Autodesk seems to have a penchant for liking what EE has, as this is the second time they’ve hired from the EE ranks! Should I be angry with them for lessening our team? I suppose I could, but I’d rather take it as a compliment that they recognize EE as the best in the industry. 😉 If someone is leaving EE, Autodesk is the place to go.

Of course Dana has been a great partner over the years, and her contributions to EE have been outstanding. I could go on about how talented she is, how much she loves sharing what she knows, and how she has helped so many people get to know Civil 3D . However, nearly all of you have read one of her posts here,  attended a class she taught, or read the Mastering Civil 3D book and there’s nothing much I could say that you don’t already know.

I will share one tidbit. Way back when the Civil 3D Implementation Certified Expert (ICE) program was first started, Dana was working for a reseller and was a student in one of ICE classes I was teaching. At the time, she, like everyone else in the room, knew so very little about Civil 3D. Unlike everyone else though, she was full of questions, digging in and trying to truly understand not only the product but how implementation impacts the end users. At one point she asked me about how the Implementation Process jived with 6 Sigma business management strategies and I knew then that this was no ordinary AE.

My how things have changed since that day. From total newbie to one of the most-read, most-talented sources of info on all-things Civil 3D, Dana truly is one of the best.

Even though there will no longer be a formal relationship between Dana and EE, the personal relationships we’ve developed should and will endure. Please be sure to wish her well.

Congrats and good luck Dana!

Mark Scacco


  1. WOW.
    I’m speechless.

  2. John Mayo, PE says:

    Wow. I can only repeat what John P. said.

    Wow. I’m speechless.

    Okay that doesn’t work long on me. Congratulations Dana! The mothership awaits. 🙂

  3. John Mayo, PE says:

    What did I tell you all. I have more.

    Sorry for the loss Mark but you still have a very impressive group C3D gun slingers by your side.

  4. Jeff Mishler says:

    WOW is right!
    A hearty congratulations to Dana. I truly hope you can help make a difference in the Autodesk to End User partnership. (I think that’s what Technical Marketing folks do…)

  5. I am surprised and pleasantly pleased – Autodesk has selected the absolute best candidate for the Technical Marketing Manager. I don’t think anyone else can come close!

  6. chris wallis says:

    holy jumpin’ up & down! a-desk is certainly blessed to have ya!….uh…yeah…speechless… congrats!! & give ’em hell!

  7. Rick Graham says:

    Wow again! Congrats to Dana. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you. Don’t forget us small folks! 🙂

  8. Earl Kubaskie says:

    The only surprise to me is that the Desk let you EE guys keep her so long. Congrats, Dana – and will you still be teaching your AU 2008 classes and collaborating on future editions of Mastering?

  9. I’ll second and third all the above comments. Congratulations Dana!!!!

  10. Dustin Manning says:

    I’m happy for Dana but I must say that I feel cheated! She will be missed.

  11. Well, Since I know/read/listen Dana, I was expecting that this would happen…

    Congratulations Dana, you really deserve it!!!!

  12. In the short time that we’ve worked together I’ve gained the utmost respect for you as a person and as a professional. Good luck Dana! I know you’ll do great things at Autodesk.

  13. Congratulations Dana and Good Luck! It’s been a pleasure working with for the short time we’ve had EE as our reseller.

  14. Whit McCormack says:

    Way to go Dana! Good luck at the ‘Desk!

  15. John Frank says:

    uh, what more can I say? HOLY COW! EE’s loss, and ours, is Autodesks gain. I just hope you don’t forget us novices. Remember, I knew you when you were learning LDT!

  16. Congratulations, Dana! You’ll be missed at EE, but you’ll do great things at Autodesk. Nice to see such a deserving individual getting this opportunity.

  17. Thank you so much for all of your well wishes. I am not exactly sure what the future holds for me at Autodesk, but I am sure you will hear from me again.