Autodesk is getting SaaS-y

As many software developers know, the future of software development seems to be leaning toward developing software for release on the web as a service. There is even an abbreviation for it – SaaS (Software as a Service). Now it seems that Autodesk may be getting into the game.


Autodesk started with Freewheel. Freewheel is a free web service that provides a user the ability to view DWF’s from anywhere (including your mobile phone) as long as you were connected to the web. Now they have in their labs, Project Draw. projDraw Project Draw is web-based VECTOR drawing application. Now it is far from being advanced but it definitely catches my interest. That and the Wiimote Navigation Add-in which is perfect for presentations.

Could this be the future of AutoCAD?? What are your thoughts?


  1. Hmmm…smells like a reaction to Google’s Sketchup to me.

  2. Kevin Spear says:

    SaaS isn’t new, just the name is. Can you say Google Earth? How about your favorite online email site, yep still a service. Honestly, true SaaS power for a civil app may be years away, but can you imagine the configuration settings stored per cad user? Eh, probably a simple xml or css schema if i had to guess.

    I’m guessing SITEOPS has a headstart in this also (essentially doing offline computing). Have you guys taken a test drive? Good stuff…

  3. Actually Kevin, I was going to list SITEOPS as an example of what the future may hold for Civil software as a web service. I don’t know why I didn’t. Thanks for mentioning it.

    Anyway, SaaS may not be new but neither is BIM – yet it holds the interest of many since the EFFECT it has now and for the future of the AEC industry is attention getting.

  4. Bobby Parker says:

    Hmmmm… do we think this is a good idea? Would it stop legal software and bring down the overall cost? Just wondering.

    Bobby W Parker