What’s Bugging You About 2009?

Since last year’s post on our EE buglist was quite popular (and continues to be to this day,) we thought we’d revisit the subject. This list is by no means comprehensive, and it includes some items that we know Manchester considers wish list, we’ll call them bugs, because it’s bloody obvious that the program operates in a way that should be fixed. With that, the list after the jump.

  • LaneOutsideSuper cannot have a depth of 0 for base or subbase – values must be positive and nonzero or the subassembly goes into an error state.
  • Right-click to edit Profile View Label styles and you’ll only get the Layout tab, no dragged state options, no general, no layout, etc.
  • Expression items cannot be used in Reference text in labels. Yes, Dan, Yes, Nick, I know it’s as designed. It’s still dumb and should have been fixed.
  • Grading group surfaces with curved infill areas tend to triangulate poorly.
  • Feature lines exported from Corridors are broken if the corridor has a break between regions. The FL may appear where desired, or anywhere along the corridor.
  • END snaps will not snap to the end of a existing profile if the profile view does not have padding. Oddly enough, it will work at the beginning of said profile without the padding.
  • Desc Keys seem to be limited in the number that can be viewed within the editor. This is an oldie but goodie, come on….
  • Google Earth versions 4.3 and later will hang C3D at 49% during surface import. Not really a C3D issue since this was brought on after RTM, but now we need some error trapping to deal with it.
  • Alignments that end at odd stations (like you know, MOST of them,) when drawn in profile cannot have their end stationing turned off unless padding is applied.
  • Alignments and Profiles generated from Corridors are broken if the corridor is built from multiple regions. I suspect this has to do with the fact that we all build gaps into our corridors, but if you don’t you have the other corridor problems.
  • Corridors still cannot handle regions that end and begin with the same exact station cleanly or as expected by most users.
  • Grading from a graded FL, to an elevation, to a slope distance, to another elevation generally hangs. Calling grading groups buggy or an embarrassment is being kind.
  • Creating offset points from Corridor-derived alignments and profiles tend to be flaky. Seems to go through the motions, and works sometimes, not others.
  • Working folders don’t follow the active drawing files, or even warn you when you’re about to do something dumb.
  • Selecting a large group (how many, we’re not sure) of surface spot labels then attempting to use the OPM to change the style will cause a crash.
  • Selecting a Feature Line in Prospector and right-click to edit elevations still asks for a graphical selection on screen.
  • Surface Slope Labels ignore the color scheme assigned in the style if you assign ranges. If you push analysis with no ranges set, or no analysis run, the colors are applied as stylized.
  • Creating Data References to Pipe Networks often causes duplicate pipes to appear.
  • You can STILL create Multiply Owned Objects by dragging the wrong child label style into another drawing.
  • Create FeatureLine from XREF doesn’t register the Assign Elevations option being checked and skips over the step.
  • Simplifying Surfaces reprocesses upon clicking the Finish button, even if no changes have been made since Apply was clicked. Not really a bug, but it wastes cycles, and can be a significant delay on larger surfaces.

So, what’s bugging you? Remember, flame-bait or pure wish-list type items will be deleted at will.  Yeah, I know, some of mine are wish-list, but I made the list, so I get to make some of the rules.

Get your bug on, and post in the comments!


  1. Matt Kolberg says:

    Creating a Free Spiral-Curve-Spral (Between two objects), when one of those objects is a curve, [sometimes] works. Yes, the geometry is such that this should work…it just doesn’t under many circumstances.


  2. Hydraflow Storm Sewer extension XMLexports the structure size in feet when the diameter units is in Inches.

  3. Catchments can create some very odd looking polyline limits…

  4. mike shick says:

    poor functionality of some AEC objects with osnaps.
    I’ll leave this here for now, but get SPECIFIC, and we’ll add it to the list. Otherwise, it’ll be gone. JW

  5. mark hill says:

    Part Builder isn’t what it should be. It is clunky and buggy with values being set to zero in the part vs model parameters.

  6. Bruce Dana says:

    How likely are any of these to be addressed in the next service patch or release?

  7. Civil 3D Map will FE when you try to export anything to a .shp files. Works in vanilla Map 2009 but not in C3D 2009. Kind of a big one here! AD says this should be fixed in SP1….

  8. Steve Boon says:

    As requested James,

    – No Extension snap on an alignment.
    – Cannot snap to an intersection that involves a design profile, but you can do it with a surface profile.
    – Cannot snap to profile curve extension lines.
    – Cannot snap to an intersection on a profile that involves a structure, but you can do it with a pipe.
    – Cannot snap to an intersection that involves the masshaul line.
    – Can’t snap to anything on a table except the outside corners.
    – Cannot snap to any part of a band.

    Anybody want to add some more ??

  9. Todd Bichsel says:

    I don’t know if this happens in all casses, but if you create a site with parcels, then try to move and rotate the parcels all at once,(say you have to put the site on state plane from assumed coordinates), your parcels are not smart enough to stay in together. i.e. if you used slide angle create or any other automatic parceling tool, when you move the parcels, the automatically created lot lines lose their end targets and make a huge mess.

  10. Todd Bichsel says:

    Also, to add to the snap issue, I don’t think you can use contour lines from a surface to extend lines to, and I also don’t think it will let you snap to the contour lines. At least not with the apparent intersection snap.

  11. Andy Hubbard says:

    When using Map/ Image/ Insert/ I get an Assert Message:

    Cannot Open Frame
    File: .\AcMapCoordinateTransform.cpp
    Date: Mar 13 2008
    Line: 221

    Abort Retry Ignore

    any of the above options promts an Internal Error: .\AcMapCoordinateTransform.cpp
    click OK and it closes C3D 2009

    I have seen this on multiple computers with a nultiple image files with or without associated world files. I don’t know if it is a bug or and install issue but it is a pain.

  12. Jason Hickey says:

    Bruce – we don’t write the service packs or next releases, so there’s no way we would be able to answer that question.

  13. Shelly Hattan says:

    Importing large *.shp files ends in Fatal Errors

    Still prints Mr. Sid files fuzzy (displays beautifully).

  14. John Mayo says:

    Okay parcel & grading stabilty aside,

    – A user cannot trim or extend to a profile created by layout or a profile grid.

    – A lack of default value control for mid ordinate & supplementing factors when adding breaklines to a tin. The program also will not remember the last values entered.

    – Description Keys are still not fully honored. If a user creates a point and edits the raw description the layer & symbol must be manually changed. The keys should really work as they did in LDT. Edit the raw desc & symbol, label & layer should change.

    – Alignment from object still does not produce tangent extensions.

  15. Andy in Item #11 – We had a similar issue going back to 2007. I found there to be a relationship between inserting images and the /3GB switch in the boot.ini. When we removed the switch, the issue went away. Unfortunately it means you can’t use the switch, which I believe is recommended by Autodesk. If my statement is true, I’d still consider it a bug.

  16. Browse to Working Folder will create the dialog box after selecting it off the toolspace, but as soon as Prospector “hides”, the Browse dialog box goes behind Civil 3d.

  17. We still have crossing pipes and profile label leaders that change layers to the current layer when you save the drawing. Really bad if the current layer is no-plot. Layer in Label Style Composer shows up as AcDbObject::kNull.

    I’d like pipe flowlines (or soffits) to show up in profile bands, without having to “trace” it with a no-plot profile. Not a bug, but a flaw.

    Cleanup pipe to pipe connections for storm laterals and pipe size changes still doesn’t get you where you want to go, which is a clean connection with trimmed lines. Plus, if you draw pipes only, they’re static and can’t be moved, even though there is a structure there.

    Set current working folder dialog box (in Data Shortcuts) goes immediately to the back of all other open applications.

    When you try to create/edit a label style using the properties command, the tabs at the top of the Style Composer disappear. Same as your #2, but from the Properties Palette.

    And am I imagining things or can you now connect different pipe networks together? It’s easier when part masking is off, but it can be done.

  18. Can not design a profile from Right to Left. You have to draw left to right.

  19. Renee Cartwright says:

    A corridor with 2 Baselines will not compute the Materials for the second Baseline. The quantities stop at the end of Baseline #1, then Baseline #2 shows the Shapes in Section Views but all zero’s.

  20. Kwame Ansu-Gyamfi says:

    Cannot change the sections for section view bandsets after you have modified them using the “Edit Section View Group Properties”. Used to work fine in ’08. Now you have to always make sure that everything is okay before creating multiple section views.

  21. Negative Contours are not drawn in 2009.

  22. When creating a Grid Volume Surface, the “select from drawing” buttons are off the right hand side of the dialog box and hard to pick. I also don’t like that you can’t just pull down a list anymore.

    Anyone else had a problem with the Surfaces – Utilities – Volumes… command? I try it and get nothing.

  23. Plot sytle support still isnt 100%. The drag state leader will plot in COLOR of the layer specified in the Label setting that object is drawn on, esp if the label is on layer zero and if layer zero is set to Normal or Color. For example, the Leader color is set to bylayer, and the label layer is magenta, your leader is magenta.
    This is a very confusing and makes it difficult to troubleshoot.
    (makes me think that color, lineweight, and linetype specified as bylayer in the style isn’t the layer mentioned in the style, but the layer that the style is placed on…)

  24. Joshua Reese says:

    Seems rather small next to a lot of the major features others are stating but General Note Labels are still not being spell checked and also General Note Labels do not honor the layer setting set in the style (but do honor the color of the layer) and only go to layer 0 (or the default layer that is set in Drawing Settings).

  25. Point Expressions appear to disappear when opening a 2008 drawing in 2009. Dragging the expression doesn’t do anything. The expression is still in my label – but the value isn’t calculated nor is Prospector populated with either the value or the expression.