The New EE Website Goes Live!

You’ve heard the rumors. You’ve seen bits and pieces in our EECasts. You’ve likely wondered what we’re up to.

Wonder no longer.

Tonight, the newly designed EE website has gone live.  After months of planning and work, it’s up. Now you can imagefind out What We Know, What We Do, and What We Sell.

Want to sign up for an EECast? Want to read white papers and articles written by the EE team? Then the Resources page is for you.

Do you want unlimited instructor-led training? Do you want implementation services that you can actually afford? Do the terms EE CivilAccess and EE GuidedAccess intrigue you? That’s easy – and found on the Services page.

Are you looking for Autodesk software? We can do that. But that’s not where we stop. We realize that you need solutions, and we provide them for you. Want to make Civil 3D work for you? We’ve developed software to make that happen. Work with LiDAR data and finding Civil 3D a bit clunky? We can help. Want your surveyors to do more, faster? Yeah, we can do that too. And we can show you how – on the Software page.

Check it out, and let us know how we can help you. Email us for more information, or call (866) 760-8724.

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