Shaan Hurley’s Fitting New Title

Sombrero Shaan

In case you don’t read Between the Lines, Shaan Hurley’s superior blog on Autocad and all thing related, he’s been promoted (lateral moved?) to the position of PSEB Evangelist. In his words, “This means I get to concentrate more on the customers, the products, and solutions in the design world.”

Guy Kawasaki was one of the first tech evangelists in his role with Apple. His ability to communicate what the company was up to and relate to the everyday user made him an important part of their success, and in my opinion, really contributed to the Cult of Mac that exists today.

There are few people really up to the role of evangelist. To succeed, they have to have the respect of the user community, the ear of the development team, the backing of management, and the tech chops to play with the best. I’ve known Shaan for a decade plus now, and his honest enthusiasm for Autodesk and their products backed with his role in the community makes him the perfect candidate. Congratulations again, Shaan.

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  1. Jason Hickey says:

    I can’t decide what makes Shaan so cool – is it the sombrero or the cool sabbaticals? You know that you’ve been in this industry way too long when you look forward to the sabbatical postings and remember his last ones 😉