Set Points Along Feature Line Using EEProPack

image I’ve been teaching a lot of our unlimited instructor-led training sessions lately, and we always try to integrate the EEProPack with each class. (Both unlimited training and the EEProPack are part of our CivilAccess package.)

One of the features that many people reach for in Civil 3D is setting points along a feature line. For some reason, it can’t be done “out of the box”. You have to explode the feature line into a 3dpolyline first, which destroys your feature line. Once that feature line is destroyed, it is pulled out from its job as a surface breakline or grading object foundation. Yuck!

The EEProPack includes a tool that will set point along your feature line, while keeping it safe and sound.

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1. Press the Set points along feature line button.


2. A dialog will appear asking you to decide how you’d like to create points along the feature line. You can create them at each PI, at each Elevation Point or at Intervals. (or all three options)


3. Pick your feature line, and points appear!


Remember, Points are static objects- they are not dynamic to the feature line. If the feature line changes, you will have to remake your points.

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