Importing Styles from Another Drawing with EEProPack

imageI’ve been teaching a lot of our unlimited instructor-led training sessions lately, and we always try to integrate the EEProPack with each class. (Both unlimited training and the EEProPack are part of our CivilAccess package.)

If you have ever had to drag styles from one drawing to another, you know that it works, but man it takes a lot of time (and some fine motor mouse skills!) You can import a whole drawing’s worth of styles using some insert block tricks, but then you sometimes wind up with a messy drawing with extra junk left behind. Not to mention that neither of these methods will bring over your command settings, so you are hopelessly relegated to checking every command to make sure that pesky “standard” style doesn’t come in by default.

With the EEProPack, you import Civil 3D styles, command settings or object layers. You can even import all of the styles and settings from a Civil 3D template in one shot.

For this example, I’ll show you how to use the EEProPack to import just a handful of styles into your current drawing.

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1. If I just want to grab a few styles, I’ll use Import Styles.


2. A dialog will appear asking me to find the drawing that contains the styles I’d like to import. It can be a .dwt or .dwg.

3. A dialog will appear listing all of the styles that can be imported. This includes most object styles and label styles! Simply check the boxes next to the ones you would like to bring in, and press OK.


Your desired styles are now in your current drawing with not a single mouse-button-hand-cramp!

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