Engineered Efficiency Changes the Game; Offers Unlimited Civil 3D Training

Here is EE’s latest press release that I wanted to share with all you readers a day early…


Chicago, June 2008 – In a game changing move, Engineered Efficiency, Inc. now offers unlimited, instructor-led Civil 3D training to all its EE CivilAccess® and EE GuidedAccess® clients. For $595 or less per user, clients have access to eight (8) different Autodesk Civil 3D classes, including Core Concepts; Residential Design; Site Design; Transportation (local roads); Survey; Styles; Data Management; and Workflows. The included classes total more than 80 hours of hands-on training. In addition to providing “all-you-can-eat” training, users also have unlimited 24/7 access to recordings of the classes. Users can take as many classes as they like, as many times as they like and they can watch the videos whenever they like as many time as they like, all for $595 or less per user.


“The old method of charging users for each class just doesn’t work anymore,” said James Wedding, PE, Vice President and Director of Consulting with Engineered Efficiency. “Per-class fees are not economically practical, especially when considering the amount of information a user needs to be truly successful with Civil 3D.” Under the old training approach, an organization would have to spend up to $400 per user per day.  “That’s assuming the user even has access to the classes they need and says nothing about the quality of the classes they may find,” Wedding said.


Engineered Efficiency’s base classes cover the core functionality of Civil 3D, enabling users to understand how the tools function. Building on the base knowledge, the process-based classes demonstrate how those tools are applied to real-world projects. “We created our advanced classes using real projects and real design scenarios. Our content creators and instructors are professionals who spent years in industry,” explained Wedding. “These are not cookie-cutter classes read to you from a book. These are classes that will immediately make you more productive with Civil 3D.”


Attendees of each class gets exclusive content created by Engineered Efficiency, Inc., including step-by-step exercise manuals, data sets, and login credentials for the video recordings. The training is offered across the Americas and is available to all organizations, including private industry, government and municipal, educational, Autodesk strategic accounts, and individual end-users.


Anyone interested in learning more can visit or can contact Marc Meyers or Mark Scacco toll-free at (866) 760-8724.



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  1. Jon Duddles says:

    I will take 4 all-you-can-eat buffets!