Civil, Civil 3D, Civil Design, Civil Companion?

Starting next month, you’ll be able to pick from two flavors of civil engineering design software from Autodesk: AutoCAD Civil, and AutoCAD Civil 3D. They’re the same engine but different target users. Designers and drafters will want to look at Civil, Engineers and analysts should look at Civil 3D. The big difference will be that Civil 3D will include the underlying AutoCAD Map engine, and will run extensions such as Hyrdaflow going into the future. We’ll talk about this more during tomorrow’s EECast, be sure to register and come learn more about this big switch.

Long story short, the upgrade and jump to a model based design just got easier, and cheaper. Call EE today if you want to discuss how we can move your firm to this great new mix of product.


  1. Is this Civil LT? Limited Technology?

    or is this just different workspaces?

  2. […] Civil, Civil 3D, Civil Design, Civil Companion? […]

  3. Crap can this possibly get anymore confusing.
    Oh I remember a wise man once told me “In confusion there’s money”.

  4. sven jacobs says:

    Hey Matthew – it sounds like “Civil 3D for Dummies” to me…