Civil 3D 2009: Adding Custom Text to Parcel Labels

Sometimes its the small things that make me happy.


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If you have ever been working on platting or deedwork, you know that there is often a difference between measured length and recorded length. Before Civil 3D 2009, there was no great way to add this information without using dtext or mtext.

Now you can right click on a parcel segment label and get Edit Label Text.



  1. Stephen Sherrill says:

    This is an excellent start to solving this problem. I am wondering though, if the labels that are edited this way will retain the changes if the segment is modified. I know profile labels and general segments labels in 2008 would revert back to the original contents in 2008.

  2. I had your issues in mind when I first found this feature, and I did do some segment modification (grip edits) and the labels stayed sound. Now, if you do something like break the segment or something more intense, I can’t be sure. I will try it some more over the next few days.

  3. Stephen Sherrill says:

    Grand, thanks for that information. Now I suppose I will have to load up my 2009 demo and learn parcels finally.

  4. John Lee says:

    I do have a question about parcels…

    Since I have one junior surveyor/engineer who uses parcels to define the boundary of a piece of property, I need a way to make the end points of the lines an open circle.

    Has anyone found a way to place a circle at the points on parcels?


    John M. Lee

  5. 2009 offers the ability to set labels at Start, End, and Middle for parcel labels – just be sure to create a block with a mask for those locations.