Autodesk website offers more on Autocad Civil product

A couple weeks ago, we told you about Autodesk’s plans to retire Land Desktop and to release a trimmed down verion of Civil 3D. On Friday, they went live with a few pages on their website with more info. Link after the jump.

Visit and check out Compare AutoCAD Civil and AutoCAD Civil 3D.


One comment

  1. Earl Kubaskie says:

    I have to admit I’m a bit confused by the breakdown here.

    The full Civil 3D package includes Map 3D function – so who decided that designer/drafters are never asked to include GIS data in a drawing, or that the engineers do the GIS analysis rather than assigning the job to the tech?

    I’ve always been a bit frustrated with the Desker emphasis on Map as an “analysis & visualization” tool rather than a graphics production tool. Perhaps that’s become a defining phrase?

    The claim that Civil can’t run the Hydraflow extensions is a bit odd. “Won’t” run in Civil is probably a bit more accurate – I can’t think of any technical reason why the extensions couldn’t run in both products, and I’d bet they even have to add code to then extensions to keep them from running in Civil. Extensions are, after all, part of the basic AutoCAD coding model – and not something special with Civil 3D.

    I wonder – a year from now, when they’ve sold a gazillion Civil seats and a couple hundred Civil 3D seats – will we see the full package dropped from the product list? And the extensions , through a breakthrough in coding genius, become able to run in Civil? Thus separating Map from Civil, which is the goal all along?