Factor This

This is just a little word of warning with a little new feature that comes with Civil 3D 2009. We now have the ability to use Cut and Fill factors when calculating volumes using volume surfaces and the Volumes tool in the Surface menu. There is a little gotcha, read on.

We have this when you’re creating a surface:
vol srf creation

Then here is what your surface statistic look like:
vol srf stats

The Net volume number on the right does not take into account the Cut and Fill factors. Now it tells us that the Net volumes are “unadjusted” and this is a good thing. Just be careful is all.

It’s a little more serious when you calculate volumes using the Volumes utility in the Surface menu. There is no mention that the Net volume is unadjusted (Note that this is the same number as above).
vol srf menu

I’m glad we finally have this ability, just be cautious. I don’t want anyone to have a bad weekend because of it.

Until next time,

Matt K


  1. Mohd Fuad Mohd Said says:

    Nice info sir… thank you

  2. Mark Ridsdale-Smith says:

    one for SP1!!