EECast Recording Posted for 5-7-2008

Thanks for joining me today! If you missed today’s session on the ProPack and Large Surfaces- fear not! The recording has been posted!

Civil 3D 2009 Large Surfaces EECast 5-7-2008

This week’s session included an introduction to the EEProPack, and some detailed demonstrations of surface building using GIS Data.

Dana built a surface from a DEM file, performed a Map Query to facilitate building a surface from LIDAR contours, built a surface from an external point file, build a surface from aerial topography data, and point out a few of the new large surface handling features in Civil 3D 2009.

Get the link to the recording after the jump.

EECast 5-7-2008 Recording

You will need to download the gotomeeting codec as well:


  1. Bob Fickenscher says:

    Is the file downloadable as a file or is it streaming only?

  2. At this point, they are streaming only. Thanks for your interest!

  3. Mark Jung says:

    Thanks for posting this.
    There is alot of useful information. Thank You!