A Surface Slope Calculation Update

Here’s an update to a post I had a few weeks back.  I now have 2009 loaded and setup on our network for rollout to the troops. The only thing left was to cleanup some minor outstanding issues with the template – stuff that was bugging me, fixing the leading zero issues (easy fix), and tweak a few styles…



Surface Slope Arrows calculations have been nagging me. I always had hoped that the LIST command would help.  It doesn’t.  So, in 2009, I have created and tweaked a surface slope arrow label style to add all of the necessary “proof”.

Click on the picture for the summary of my style.



  1. Tommie Richardson says:

    The downloaded image was only 96dpi, so I was not able to read it. Was it something I did? If not, would you please post a higher resolution image? Thanks. –Tommie

  2. No, it’s all me…Image Updated and hopefully readable after selection.

  3. Tommie Richardson says:

    Way, better. Thanks.