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To better serve our clients, the team at Engineered Efficiency is always investigating new solutions to make your life easier. Sometimes this means that we will find a piece of software that we recommend to users. Other times, we come across something so great that we don’t just recommend it to our users, we supply it to them.

What if I were to tell the surveyors out there that there was data collection software that got rid of the whole “how do I code” discussion once and for all? What if field coding beyond descriptions were a thing of the past? What if you could export a FBK file directly out of your data collector? Would you want to know more? If you’re intrigued, click the link to find out what all the fuss is about.

The company?  Microsurvey. The software?  FieldGenius 2008.

Never heard of Microsurvey before? Neither had I. Recently, I was putting together an idea for a presentation and looking through all my data collector emulators on my laptop. I have TDS Survey Pro (for Recon and Ranger), Leica TPS and GPS, Trimble TCS, Trimble SCS900, and Carlson SurvCE. That’s quite the library of data collection software, but as I glanced down at my latest edition of Point of Beginning magazine (POB) I realized that I was missing something. This Canadian company that I’ve only heard of in passing has a data collector, so I went to their website to see if they had a demo of their collector. They did, and I filled out the form and downloaded the emulator. I installed it and opened it up and realized that it was…well, different.  WAY different. At that moment, I didn’t have time to investigate fully, so I closed it down and went back to some task that I was working on. Later on that day, my office phone rang, and I saw a Canadian phone number displayed. I knew it was Canadian because it said it was. Anyway, it was a sales person from Microsurvey who had seen my form that I had filled out to download the emulator. I explained to him who I was and what I did, and about 15 minutes into the conversation he whipped out GoToMeeting and I got my first glance at what FieldGenius could do. I was impressed with the demo, but a bit dubious. I took what I had learned from him and passed my own dataset through it – and it worked. Not only that, it worked very well. I had mentioned it to Mark in passing, and he was interested (I swear, I’ve never seen an Engineer with such a fascination about surveying…) We scheduled a web meeting with the sales person and Mark and I spent an hour discussing the software with him. I was all ready to write an article here about it, but Mark told me to hold off because he had other plans.

And those plans fell together – Engineered Efficiency is proud to announce that we are now an authorized reseller of Microsurvey products.  As the website says, it’s different, but this difference really MAKES a difference.

Read here to see the top 14 features of FieldGenius2008 – from a powerful roadway module to accurate surface, contours, and volume calculations, from automated FBK files to no-code linework, FieldGenius is one incredible data collection package.

Click here to see the FieldGenius Getting Started movie – this will introduce you to the world of FieldGenius in a series of short videos. Want to see more in-depth movies showing the functionality of the software? Then click here.

More information and articles will follow this one. If you can’t wait, email for more information or call Marc Meyers at (630) 773-8724.


  1. Jason,

    Good to see that the surveying aspect of Civil 3D is getting some much needed attention by EE’s C3D experts.

    One concern I have though is that most of us don’t have the funds to go out and buy the new products nor spring for the training. My crews use TDS Ranger and TDS Recon with Survey Pro (4.whatever the latest version is) and Topcon Total Stations. If I’m gonna spend what little budget I have on anything, it will be to keep the C3D subscriptions working and to possibly bring one of you guys to my shop. That to me sounds like to the best use of my dollars.

    Can you fill me in on where, when, and how the Autodesk world will bring all us TDS’er in from the cold? Have you cover the Carlson add-on?

    Yea, I looked at the Field genius stuff a year back and I agree, IT’S GOOD STUFF. But I already have my datacollector and my external survey cogo software. I just wish that Lucy, Todd and company could help me bring my surveyors into the 20th century (to ask for the 21st is currently asking too much of my troops). By that I mean, its still way too computer scientist intensive for my good old country boys to understand. Any help or sage advice is always appreciated.

    Again, great stuff. Keep up the good work.


  2. michael j perry says:

    Hi Jason,
    Resistance is futile, and you will be assimilated one day, just not the survey crew…. for the last 25 years getting the crews that I have worked for just don’t budge unless you threaten them with there job or else…. I really want what John Lee wants in software that the field guys can use without a manuel…. the ultimate way to see if the new software can work. I want to see some more input by other survey crew managers/crew chief’s that are in the field respond to the initial post…. Please start this dialog… I just moved from Alaska to Washington State to North Carolina and noone has been able to get one crew to even get them to use software that will import into LDC or Civil 3D and create automatically linework/breaklines.. I know some software is available, but like John above we don’t have a budget. I’m just now working with a new firm that has custom software that does some autolinework connection, but then there is the assimilation into Civil 3D and it has to happen now… I would love to hear from other survey firms/managers what works…

    Mike Perry
    Raleigh, NC

  3. Michael Brack says:

    Microsuvey FG is the best and cheapest thing out there on the market. Period. I have been using the product since 2005. Their product and staff are unmatched. Their receptionist, sales, tech support, and engineers know me by name. Do that with Trimble, Topcon, Carlson, or TDS. Their software is intuitive, powerful, and just plain works!