Mirror Mirror on the Road

With Civil 3D 2009, there are a lot of small things that make me happy. There are quite a few tweaks to styles dialogs, user options and command prompts that don’t seem like much but really make a difference.

Read on to see one I am working with today…

You can now mirror your subassemblies! Simply pick a subassembly that you want on the other right of the road. Right click and choose Mirror. (Do NOT use the AutoCAD mirror command.)


The command will prompt you to choose where you would like it attached. Pick the place you want to PUT the assembly. The first few times I did this, I chose the vertical assembly bit thinking the command would behave like the AutoCAD mirror command. My curbs wound up attached to the centerline. What I needed to do was click the point on the lane where I wanted the curb to attach,etc.


Happy mirroring!


  1. Dean Turner says:


  2. John Cobb says:

    It was a mite tedious without this, wasn’t it? I’ve had problems finding attachment points at all the right locations. Face of gutter snaps to bottom of sub-grade rather than top of pavement. Then the snaps don’t work as you’d expect leaving gaps and gores between sub-assemblies. Being a thankful user, though, I don’t moan until it’s fixed.

  3. Bryan Scott says:

    I am still waiting on C3d 2009 to arrive at my office, so I have a question about this. If you assign a unique name to a left subassemb, does it carry the unique name over to the right, does it error out, or does it assign “unique name (1)”?

  4. Good question Bryan.

    When you mirror the subassemblies the names are based upon that subassembly’s default name.
    IOW, what the name would be if you had just added the subassembly from the palette.

  5. Tommie Richardson says:

    Not all subassemblies are created equal! The Right Click-Mirror option is unavailable for generic links such as “LinkWidthAndSlope”. I’m guessing that’s because they don’t have a “Left” and “Right” side option.