Good Luck, Students!

You know how to tell when Civil Engineering students are nearing the end of their semester?  You start receiving emails at very odd hours of the night asking questions about Civil 3D! Even though I’m currently in my personal coffee-loving mecca of Seattle, WA this week, I’m reached by their kindness.   My wife informed me this evening that a imagelarge manilla envelope had arrived via USPS today containing greeting cards – there was no return address, but there were 4 thank you cards inside from the CE401 class at UA.  I was very touched that they sent them, and want to thank them and Dr. Dan Turner  for allowing me to be a part of their education.   I wish each and every one of you the best of luck in your future lives as Civil Engineers!

One comment

  1. James Murphy says:

    Did they create the cards in Civil 3D or where they store brought?