Evangelist Finds New Religion

From PK’s blog, posted without comment:

Pete Kelsey’s contribution over the past two years at Autodesk as worldwide evangelist for Civil 3D has provided him a unique perspective on customer needs and the transition challenges to model-centric workflows. He contributed mightily to the success in building worldwide awareness of Civil 3D. In his new role as AEC Key Accounts Technical Manager Pete will focus on the top AEC firms within North America. With the adoption rate of Civil 3D really accelerating it is clear that Pete’s focus should now shift from evangelizing Civil 3D to helping some of Autodesk’s biggest customers maximize their return on investment.

What’s your take?


  1. Easter Island will never be the same.
    Can I have his frequent flyer miles?

  2. John Davis says:

    I gotta think a guy who lists fine tequilla and firearms in his hobbies ought to be well received among an industry of dirt movers! I’d think most would look forward to Pete sticking around after a seminar to shoot empty bottles…