Civil 3D Fundamentals: Build a Civil 3D Surface from a DEM File

One of the things I wanted to show my GIS class the other day was building a Civil 3D surface from a DEM file. There are a few ways to use DEMs in Civil 3D. In addition to building surfaces, you can also use the Map FDO to bring in the DEM and do some neat hillshading and styling. I’ll do that sometime soon.

I’ve created another short video, and this time I narrated it! The video shows the Mastering Civil 3D Chapter 5 page 123 exercise on creating a surface from a DEM.

Find the video after the jump- and let me know how you like this format. (*** if you can’t get the video to play, I might have reached my jing bandwidth limit. I am working on an easy way to get video out to the masses so stay tuned!***)


  1. It’s a no go for me, just a blank box where the video should be.

  2. Mark Jung says:

    Um… not seeing a video…

  3. John Davis says:

    How’s ’bout YouTube on the interwebz?

  4. Jason Hickey says:

    YouTube kills resolution – it’s been tried and heartily nixed for this type of video.