New View/Edit Corridor Section Tools in Civil 3D 2009

For a few releases now, the View/Edit Corridor Section tools have been a bit tough to use. The cosmetics were difficult to control, you couldn’t really zoom or do any easy naviagtion. I’m happy to report that this interface has been improved for Civil 3D 2009.

You have three new zooming options: Zoom Extents; Zoom to Offset and Elevation; Zoom in on a Subassembly. Zoom to Subassembly is particularly cool. It gives you a drop down selection so you can find the subassembly that is “misbehaving” or needs some tweaks.


Also, you now have more/easier control over the grid that you see.



This one you can actually do in 2008, but most people don’t realize it. You can change the command setting for View/Edit Corridor Section to use your preferred Code Set Style.


Lots more neat stuff to come! Back to Mastering…


  1. Matt Kolberg says:

    I might as well add this little tidbit because I just like it.

    You could change the code set style in 2008, but no labels would show. 2009 offers us the ability to see any labels generated by the code set style. So you can visually check out your pavement and daylight grades right here.


  2. John Davis says:

    I may be wrong (again), but I feel that this is THE most under-rated, under-used and under-the-radar feature in Civil 3D today! The absolute control that (feasibly) can be achieved by utilizing strategic sample lines and the View/Edit Corridor Sections command makes skinny, little arms like mine as powerful as a Neatderthal in a mastodon-spearing blood rage!!!

    Happy Hunting,