More Efficient Label Styles

Sometimes it’s the little things. Notice this little surprise waiting for me when creating a Parcel from Objects in image 2009 earlier today. Under the label options, you can now use the generic line and curve labels for line and arc segments. This applies to alignments and other items as well. Just a nice little bonus to make your style creation and maintenance a little easier.

With this change, you can now put most of your generic labels in one place, and only use the object specific ones for things like spanning, street names, etc.

It’s always the little things.


  1. Clem Kuns says:

    This is a feature that is very much welcome. Even if we had to ask for it for a seemingly LONG time!

  2. Charles Fisher says:

    While on the topic of more efficient label styles, in 2009 are pipe network structure labels editable using “Edit Label Text…”?

  3. John Lowe says:

    Yes, this is a goody that will be most welcome by the survey dept.!

  4. Nathan Bartholomew says:


    Why would you want to do that? Surely you could edit the style to suit?

  5. Charles Fisher says:


    Aren’t we all bound to want what we can’t have?

    Seriously, say my design has three distinct storm water detention systems each with control structures. Lets say that the three control structures are identical except for unique orifice sizes. Am I to have three different styles each with the unique orifice size hard coded in the style? In the past I have used the structure ‘description’ field to insert unique text into a structure label. I can add more than one line of text as long as I format it correctly in the ‘description’ box on the information tab of the ‘structure properties’ window. If I do not need any unique text then the ‘description’ field inserts a blank line in my structure label. This at best is a work around.