Kill the DWFit!

Sing it like Elmer Fudd, it’s a much funnier headline. (YouTube, about 1:35 in.)

I know that I’ve told at least a few people that you couldn’t get rid of the DWF plotting by default in a Vault Check-in. Seems I was reading too fast, and not clearly enough. It happens, I scan a lot of things I read, it’s an embarrassing habit sometimes. Anyway, read past the jump to see the six-click solution.

Now, according to the Help file this procedure will still create some invisible DWF files, but at least you won’t be left waiting while C3D plots a DWF during your checkin.image

Open up Vault Explorer and login to your Vault as an  admin. Click the Tools->Administration menu option, and mae sure you’re on the Files tab as shown here. Click the Define button next to DWF Attachments, then uncheck the Enable blah blah blah check box shown in the image.

That’s it. Your users may need to logout and in to see the change, but next time they check in a file, the default for Create DWF will be No, and it won’t be selectable to change. My apologies to the folks I steered wrong on this one.


  1. Dat wabbitt been dead.

  2. John Lowe says:

    That just made Friday a little bit sweeter
    thank you