Expand (and Collapse) ALL in Toolspace

It’s been a VERY long time since I posted anything here. I’ve been busy, but I’m always keeping my eye out for a cool (and short) tip I could blog. Well I found one today!

UPDATE: Marcello correctly pointed out a mistake in my original post. Ctrl+right arrow expands the collection and Ctrl+left arrow collapses EVERYTHING. To collapse only the highlighted collection, press SHIFT+left arrow. Thanks, Marcello.

Maybe you know this already, but I didn’t and the few people I asked didn’t either. I found it somewhat by accident.

Ever want to expand (or collapse) the entire collection of objects on the Prospector tab? Or the entire collection of styles on the Settings tab? Well, since there are no buttons to do so, I started trying somewhat random key combinations and found one that works.

Highlight the collection you want to expand and press Ctrl+right arrow. Everything in that collection is expanded. Crtl+left arrow collapses it again. This works for the entire drawing or for a sub collection (for example, highlighting only Surfaces on the Settings or Prospector tab only expands/collapses that collection.)

I’ll be back in another4 months with another tip! 😉



  1. tim wall says:

    Mark, Thanks for the tip, however, you can collapse and expand any tree in the Toolspace by a double-click on the collection name, or click on the + or – next to the name.

  2. Very nice Mark! I knew you were good for something (other than bringing much appreciated cigars to the Duffers Open)! Microsoft Outlook, are you listening?

  3. Marcello Porretto says:

    Mark, “CTRL + right arrow” expands the Surface collection, for example. But “CTRL + left arrow” collapses all collections and shows only drawing name either with Surface collection highlighted. To me, “SHIFT + left arrow” collapses only that collection.

    I’m Sorry about my english.

    Marcello Porretto
    Rio de Janeiro/Brasil

  4. JULIE BOESE says:

    I found a better way to hide toolspace. Instead of just doing the autohide and then dock left (or right). When you right click on the bar choose icon only. This will hide toolspace up at the top in a little box icon. Now when you come close to the left side you don’t accidently bump it causing it to pop open and then the aggravation of waiting for it to go back… etc. Of course it still pops open when you mouse over the icon. (sorry this had nothing to do with collapsing all :o) but it does save space)


  5. Thomas Glidewell says:

    You can also just use the enter key. In Toolspace click on, for example, the Open Drawings heading and hit enter. This will expand or retract the collection. Then use the arrow keys to move to an open drawing again hit enter and this will expand or retract the collection. This works for the setting tab as well.
    Thomas Glidewell