Another Nifty Civil 3D 2009 Feature – Surface Volumes, Anyone?

Happy Monday, everyone! Over the weekend, I installed a new build of Civil 3D 2009 and for some odd reason decided to actually LOOK at the New Features Workshop. This is where you’ll find almost all of the new features, even the ones that you don’t remember Peter Funk demonstrating in Las Vegas because you were too busy asking your coworker to get you another beer when she went to the bar. Yeah, this is one of those, and it’s one that I’ve been requesting for quite a while. It deals with Surface Volumes and something pretty sweet that you can do with them now.   Intrigued?   Follow the link to find out more.

All this one takes is two screenshots – it’s a very easy one to illustrate. The first one is evident when I run a surface volume analysis between two surfaces – I even highlighted it in the screen grab:


(RJH note – I apologize for the small image – reasons for it are below.  At this point, it’s easier for me to tell you that there are cut and fill factors, as well as adjusted volumes highlighted above.   I’ll try to do better in the future with the images)

Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen, you can now enter cut and fill factors for a simple surface volume analysis!  Previously, this could only be accomplished through sections and materials, but sometimes you just want overall numbers without the need for alignments or sections.  

Yet another way that this is implemented is in Volume Surfaces – as you can see in the below image, you can enter the same numbers as you’re creating a Volume Surface:


This is great added functionality to surface volumes – great job, Autodesk!


  1. Jeremy Bain says:

    Sweet Niblets.

  2. John Davis says:

    Wow, I just saw this requested on the DG a few days ago. Autodesk must be divining chicken entrails or something! Waste not, want not… nuggets anyone?

  3. John Lowe says:

    divining chicken entrails indeed…

  4. John Lowe says:

    What I meant to post was….
    mmmmmmm chicken entrails…auhaghuagalah

    but actually, I have had several people ask me about such functionality before. hoorah for Civil 3d 2009!

  5. One request to the team; have mercy on us lowly 1024×768 loosers without 24″ wide screen monitors, and create screen shots at lower res so you can actually see the text in them!

    Just a humble request from your neighborhood sales guy missing his old widescreen laptop…sniff.


  6. Tim Reeves says:

    Can we make Surface Volume Tables now? I mean like with a click or two.


  7. Jason Hickey says:

    That’s my fault, Anthony. Three reasons caused your poor eyesight yesterday 😉 1) Wide images and this template don’t interact very very well, 2) I forgot what the max width was, and 3) I was too lazy to ask any other members of the team 😉

    Trust me, it’s already been pointed out to me – wasn’t on purpose, and I’ll try to do better next time.