What’s My Favorite New Feature of 2009?

Overall, I’m a fan of 2009. A really big fan. It’s ugly, but I think James already discussed that at length. But there are two features of the new release that I hold very near and dear to my heart – want to find out more? Follow the link…


What does that look like to you? It looks like a parcel, doesn’t it? I mean, it simply HAS to, since only parcels can have tag labels, right?   

Nope, what you see above is a simple polyline labeled with Civil 3D 2009. The table to the right holds the line and curve values for the tags.   Pretty sweet, right?   Haven’t you been asking for this?

So can I do anything else with this?   What about a mapcheck?   That seems to be a pretty big request in the past as well.   I’m not going to get completely into the mechanics of HOW this works (save that for later) but I’ll post a few grabs of it:

The interface:


The closure report in the panorama interface:


The mapcheck uses the labels of the linework to calculate closure, and the output can be set to the panorama, sent to MTEXT in the drawing, or copied to the clipboard for posting into your favorite word processing program.

Mapchecks can be saved and a polyline representing the mapcheck can be inserted into the drawing if needed.

I have other favorite new features, but they’ll come a bit later.  


  1. Tag labels without parcels? That just made my day!

    Just got an email from MyFeedback:

    You will be officially released from your non-disclosure agreement in regards to commenting publicly on AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009 on February 20th at 8:30AM PST (-8GMT). However, as always, please bear in mind that, under the terms of your beta site agreement, you have agreed to keep the details of the beta program, operation of the beta program, private discussions, future feature discussion, and conversations during beta, and bug report communications confidential.

    So, how about that Fight Club?

  2. Jason Hickey says:

    You want to know something even better?

    Much better?

    I can use parcel labels to label lines and curves, and line/curve labels to label parcels. Only one set of labels to set up!!!

    And for the record, we were definitely released before we posted this…

  3. JG Gerth says:


    Can you tell us if the old bug with c3d not handling multi-line attributes is resolved in 2009? It managed to survive the SP1 and SP2 updates for C3D, and i’m hoping that 2009 finally killed it.

    personally, I want to see your favorite feature, but even more I want to see surface simplification. to my work, that’s a great idea for the lidar based files I get handed

  4. Oh, now that’s cooooool!

    Just btw, I wasn’t implying that anyone was releasing info early, just that we’re free to publicly discuss, not just thru blogs.

  5. Jason Hickey says:

    JG – dunno if that’s fixed or not, I never really tested it. And look for some stuff regarding surfaces in the future, not JUST with surface simplification.

    Chuck – I know. To be honest, I’m ready for everyone to be able to talk about it and remove the confusion surrounding who can and can’t…

  6. Jeff Mishler says:

    JG, Yes, AFAICT the multiline attributes are now good to go.

  7. Todd Bichsel says:

    Can you label area of a polyline that technique or just lines and curves. There are times when a parcel label is a problem, but if you could label the area from a polyline, that would be nice to see?

  8. John Lowe says:

    thank god they fixed the tags – I always get crap about this…not anymore. thank you autodesk and thank you Jason!

  9. John Lowe says:

    don’t talk about fight club!

  10. Ok, now I’m completely jazzed.

    1) Dialog boxes are resizable – yes, including the add labels one that trips out on large label style names.

    2) Panoramas remember how I like them setup!

    Pinch me.

  11. David Harman says:

    Forgive my ignorance, what exactly are multiline attributes and do they have any thing to do with label spanning?

    BTW the labeling polylines with a tag table feature is awsome. Thanks.

  12. Nick Rhoads says:

    Will the labels “span” on lines/polylines since it is now one label style for lines & parcels? I wouldn’t think so but had to ask!

  13. I will admit I haven’t dug into the new labels much, but I would doubt spanning labels will span anything other than parcels, and *maybe* feature lines. The reason is that spanning labels only span across split created vertices and not natural vertices. Polylines/lines always have natural vertices- there is no such thing as a split created vertex along a pline.