What’s in an argument?

Shaan Hurley’s get post about AutoCAD Troubleshooting Tip Getting Naked reminded me about a post I felt the need to discuss.   Profiles and Arguments.

I’ve learned the hard way. 

A few years ago, I installed the Civil 3d only to have it go bad.  It appears that I wiped out the <<Unnamed Profile>> for the registry during installation and I couldn’t reinstall without a clean uninstall.

From that point forward, I have made good use of installing Civil 3d and Land Desktop (If I have too) in a true OOTB fashion.  This way I can run “Naked” if I have too.

All of my settings, customization, Enterprise CUI, Tool Palettes, etc at stored in a Profile that will NOT get wiped out on a service pack.


I save the profiles to my home directory on the server – for backup.

The -NET profile is our network ARG file.  It’s used as a parameter on the JAS C3d08 icon on our users desktop. 

What’s in this .ARG file? Not much – Primarily what’s in the ARG file after extensive edits is the GENERAL and GENERAL CONFIGURATION and few others so the Network Paths are complete.

If we ran Vault, I probably would put James vault hack in there too. So, James, a little hack doesn’t always hurt. 

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