Opportunity Knocks

We are pleased to announce the creation of a new Opportunities page on civil3d.com. As the industry leader with over 2000 registered, experienced AutoCAD Civil 3D users, we are presenting our users and the engineering firms that visit a unique opportunity to match up users with a passion for advanced Civil design software with positions demanding top performers. The Opportunities page at civil3d.com will include only openings from employers looking to hire the best Civil 3D users in private and public design firms.

Looking for New Experts?
Your job opening should include a one-line title and a 150-word description. With each ad, we will include a reply to address that goes to the Civil3d.com Opportunities team, and forwards to your HR or hiring staff. This lets us measure the success of our efforts and filter out spam or inappropriate senders.

The listing cost for an opening on civil3d.com Opportunities is $250 per month. Upon hiring through civil3d.com Opportunities, we also require a placement fee equivalent to 10% of the new employee’s base salary. Multiple hires will be noted, and fees can be reduced in those cases.

As an introduction to this service and as a way to test both the site and the system, we will waive the initial listing cost for all ads placed before the end of February 8th, 2008. These ads will renew in a month at the standard rate. Any hires from these ads will still be subject to the hiring fee, but consider it a free test of the users and expertise level you’ll find in the civil3d.com community. Download the Opportunities Agreement here and let’s get started.

Looking for a New Challenge?
If you are looking for new challenges, watch the Opportunities page grow. We’ll post a e-mail link for you to submit a resume your resume in PDF format. Your resume will go to the firm advertising, then it’s up to you to show your stuff.

If you use our service, we want to know about it! We will pay a 2% bonus to civil3d.com users that accept an offer through the Opportunities page, and send us a copy of their offer. We’re looking to help make the Opportunities page the best market for matching the best in firms using Civil 3D with readers looking to expand their skills and opportunities.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. We look forward to pairing up the best users with the best firms!

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