One Banana Split !

There has been a lot of Discussion Group posts about the error in the HydraFlow Storm Sewers Extension on Import.   IMPORT ERROR! An error occurred processing this XML Import.

Want to find out why?

Okay – its all about direction.  STOP

Why should it matter what direction I draw my network?  Is that really it.   Try it.  The direction I draw my network only determines the outfall location.  That’s it.  My outfall if I draw it in the wrong direction only puts my outfall at the upper reaches of my design.

I spent all day (okay just most of this afternoon when I had the opportunity to get back to engineering…) trying to figure out what a technician did and I made worse and why I couldn’t get it into Hydraflow.

After some playing time after the kids are in bed, I messed with a theory I had.  XML Notepad and I are now good friends with the Compare XML files. 

Then it HIT me.

There are a couple of LandXML files on the DG – download them. Take a good look at them.  This network doesn’t import correctly.

What is wrong with the structure…


Maybe you guessed based on the title of the post.   This structure has a split flow condition.  This can’t be handled.  Flow needs to come in, but it can’t have two outlets…

Now, anyone know how to fix this?  I do…

HINT – it’s not the main trunk – but it’s the branches…


  1. Wesley Price says:

    Another common error upon import is when a null structure sneaks into my pipe network. I never use null structures intentionally, but sometimes when reviewing my xml for problems I see them. I then go back to my pipe network disconnect, delete, redraw, and reconnect. After that I am able to import the xml into HydraFlow and commence with the additional data entry.

  2. Dane Martin says:

    P8-6 invert looks to be 5 feet above the rim elevation.

  3. Good Catch – Editing a pipe network in an Isometric View helps see that too!

  4. John Barrus says:

    Ok, I came here looking for the answer to a question. I got a riddle.

    Could I get the answer and not just a hint? How do I fix it? I would appreciate that.

    Sorry if I seem grumpy. I’m just stressed.

  5. John – take a look at the image I posted of the XML file.

    The rectangular structure has no inflow pipes but two outflow pipes. Pipes can’t have two outflow pipes in Hydraflow. That is why you can not import the XML file.

    The file I pulled off the Discussion Group to use as part of the example is a typical main with branches for roadway inlets. The way it was drawn – the inlet branch flowed away from the main, not toward it.

    No need for a riddle. I cover the answer in the paragraph after the image.

  6. James Lucas Jensen says:

    alright!!! Just fixed a pipe network that was giving me this problem. Now that I have gone through this, I think the easiest way to back check your network is to review the “connected pipes” information in the structure properties. If you have more than one “out”, then you have this problem. It was just easier that way for me, rather than reviewing the tabular XML file. Thanks for the info!