Joshua Modglin Joins Engineered Efficiency’s Expanding Team


Itasca, Illinois (February 20, 2008)– Engineered Efficiency, Inc., in its continued quest to bring the best minds in the nation to bear on the tasks of integrating advanced 3D modeling software into industry workflows, is pleased to announce the addition of Joshua Modglin to its team of experts. Joshua will assist EE in the ongoing development of its ProPack line of Civil 3D add-on applications. Read more about Joshua after the jump.

Joshua Modglin has been in the AEC industry since his teens. After finishing college, he entered professional practice in site development, gaining valuable experience working in a variety of regions across the US.

Joshua has participated in the conceptualization, development, and permitting over 200 projects in the southeastern region of the United States alone. He provided quality assurance and control and has served in the role as regional CAD Manager. Joshua was bestowed a national award for improving the standard for CAD Design excellence.

Joshua Modglin has been both a user and developer of AutoCAD since 1996 starting with AutoCAD Version 10 thru AutoCAD 2008. He is experienced in many of the civil vertical products available including Softdesk, Eagle Point, Map, Land (Development) Desktop, Civil Design, and now Civil3D (2005-2008). Since 2005, he has been a member of the Autodesk Developer Network.

Prior to joining Engineered Efficiency, Inc., Joshua was the owner of Hyaline Engineering, providing software solutions for varied clients including engineering firms, consultants, municipalities, and contractors worldwide.

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Mark Scacco


  1. Jason Hickey says:

    I’m so freakin’ glad to have the help….

    I said it Monday, and I’ll say it again – Welcome to the party, Joshua.

    (for any outsiders – it really is a party. We work hard, but all love what we do….)

  2. Thanks for the congrats guys. I am really excited and feel privileged(dang it – get the spell check out) to be a part of the EE Team.

    What is more exciting is what is coming from the EE team in terms of software development.

    Let the party begin!! (Jason, you are bringing the beer right?)

  3. Cool.
    I have always found that reading his stuff left me smarter than when I started.
    Another good addition.

  4. John Lowe says:

    It will be good to be able to read Joshua’s posts on here.
    If EE keeps up the current pace of absorbing all my favorite bloggers, I’ll soon be able to simply go to one site to get all my info. Keep up the good work Joshua and company!

  5. Dean Nitz says:

    Having recently worked with Josh, I know what a tremendous opportunity this is for EE. I recently asked Josh if it was possible to determine the elevation of a LDD point while working in map. Within minutes he sent me a lisp routine to handle the task. This is one very simple example of Josh’s abilities. I don’t think I’ve managed to stump him with a question yet.

  6. John Davis says:

    Enough with the “brain drain” already… leave some for Autodesk, okay? Way to go Joshua! Don’t let Hickey get away with buying the cheap beer, store brand is NOT the cure for what “ales” ya’!

  7. James Murphy says:

    I have never know Jason to buy the cheap beer, in fact when I asked for good old PBR in the old days he would go out of his way trying to find it for me. : )

  8. Jason Hickey says:

    A) As Murph says, I never drink the cheap beer…

    but more importantly,

    b) it’s the duty of the new guy to buy the beer 😉