Don’t be a Beta Dork

With the essentially open Beta system that Autodesk uses now, it’s almost part of your job to get involved and get a preview. Even if you don’t want to test and comment, it’s homework and good practice to know what’s coming.

But please, for the sake of all that is holy, don’t be a beta dork. Don’t be a burden on the process. We discussed this over a year ago, but it appears it needs revisiting. Go read:

TheĀ  Rules of Beta.

No, really. Go read it now. Yes, I’m talking to you. Then, go post if you must.


  1. Just visited the General Discussion group.
    I understand now why you posted this.

  2. Forgive me, for I have sinned. Thanks for re-referencing the “rules.” It helps a beta-newbie like myself out a lot.

  3. I don’t think there’s anything to be forgiven, but I know a lot of folks don’t understand the whole software development cycle. I think I’ll write up a series of posts about the cycle to help people understand the phases and the input points during the cycle. Maybe later this week.

    To use a land development analogy, wishing for things at this point is like submitting a zoning change request during the field inspection process.

  4. Now, who among us hasn’t had a client ask for a zoning change during inspections???

  5. that was a good point, James. I understand all those guys what they have to go through,though sometimes we think as you say that is only a surface problem that they can fix it in a day or two.
    Anyway I am looking for future releases to fix most of the arisen problems, and for now we will do what we were meant to do with the tools we have:)
    Again, good point.

  6. Tom Shaner says:

    Beta versions of software are great if you have a lot of spare time to tinker and if they are free. I just don’t like paying over $10,000 for a seat of Civil 3D 2008 only to have it lock up and crash every day. Then there is the continual work arounds it takes to complete a project almost three months after the expected time of completion.
    To date I have had to spend over $5000 with my VAR’s technical expert to iron out all of the program’s deficiencies and errors.
    Civil 3D 2008 is at best a beta, maybe by 2010 we will have a real program.