Color Cut-Fill Ticks

I thought about writing this post late last year after working on a number of earthwork projects, but after seeing the Quantity post the other day, I figured that I probably should add this to the mix. is my default site for all things Civil 3d.   I did not come up with this idea and nor am I the first to blog about it.  I have been meaning to add this to our company template for a few weeks and have just added this information.

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The credit goes to Peter Funk and Anthony Governanti for blogging it on Wicked Cool Stuff.  Land Desktop had the ability to place the Cut and Fill ticks on a separate layer, allowing us to “color” our Tick Map.  I will not go into the step by step because Anthony does a great job of it.    There is also a drawing template in the on the Civil Community Site here.

Not everyone thinks about the results of a volume calculation as also being a surface.

Here is a quick example of a volume surface for my Landfill project. Click on the image to see it full-sized.

Now, just how to get the marker to be the label color too!


  1. Christopher Jacobus says:

    This works great. Now my boss wants to be able to break up the cut and fill into depth regions with different colors (eg. cut 0′-2′ color 90, cut 2.1′-4 color 150). Is this possible?

  2. Check out the surface analysis section of your volume surface. This will allow you to color those depths. Ticks..I need some time to think about that..