Alignment Playground

A few questions have come up this week in the NG regarding alignment components, and I received an e-mail asking about a drawing mentioned in the Mastering Civil 3D book, so I thought I’d save some searching and make it available here. Thanks to Karen Dowling in Manchester for sharing this drawing with me and letting me share it with you.

Download the Alignment playground drawing after the jump.

This drawing contains some 20 or so different alignments, created with almost every permutation under the sun of components and solution angles. Click here to download.


  1. Jeremy Bain says:

    I received an error 404 – not found when clicking on the link.

  2. Link fixed, thanks to those that caught it!

  3. let me know if you want one with spirals, that is if the one Karen gave you doesn’t use any. i have one I created in my previuos life that shows some of the spiral curve combinations.