Scenes from the EE Booth at AU 2007

So much for my idea that I was going to take a ton of photos… Who can rest to pick up a camera (especially one as clunky as mine) when there are people to talk to! And wow, there were lots of great people stopping by. It was so nice to say hi to old friends, make new ones, and finally put faces to names. Hopefully James, Mark and Jason have some more images to share over the next few days.

 A familiar pose for the EE team- catching up quickly on messages with our beloved “brick”. Here is Mark just moments before the live broadcast of the highly rated award winning “Wake Up to Engineered Efficiency” morning show.


That’s a lot of Play Doh.




  1. Yeah, somehow I don’t miss the brick. 😀

    But I do have to put up with some other annoyances. Good looking booth, maybe we’ll build the whole thing from Playdoh next year!

  2. Great looking surface in your banner.

  3. spalazzola says:

    Hi there EE Team!!
    It was great seeing all of you at AU!
    I haven’t seen Mark for awhile (since bowling in Mi. back in March). So, it was great to see him in person again!
    I was a lucky winner of your Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D Book and I really am moving through it! I now have two copies of it, one to mark up and make notes all over it and the other one to keep in mint condition! Smile….

    Your sessions that I attended at AU were extremely worthwhile! Alot of good information came from each of them!
    I am looking forward to seeing your posts on more Storm water management when we get the release of the Storm Water Design Extensions!!!

    Oh! Next year….I am going to copy Dana and wear socks and sandals to my sessions! She was much wiser than us chicks still wearing heals all week and having throbbing feet at the end of the night!

    Have a great week!