Match Style LSP Routine

The Anonymous author over at has posted a routine that will allow you to use Match Props type functionality. Check it out here.

Yes, yet another Civil 3D blog to track. If you haven’t discovered RSS yet, go get IE7 or Outlook 2007 and check out their Feeds functions. I found them pretty good. If you’re on a Mac, Mail supports RSS directly inside, similar to Outlook 2007. Either way, RSS feeds let you subscribe to the growing number of blogs without having to visit every day to see if they’ve posted something.


  1. Chris Wallis says:

    for what it’s worth….I did download this & it works real nice – i like!

    thanks for the heads-up on this!


  2. ed reading says:

    I tried it using C3D2008 and I got two different error messages, and it crashed the program 3 times.
    I had a co-worker try it on his machine and he had the same problems.

  3. Since we didn’t create it, I’d suggest a quick trip to the other site to post your comment might help. Not sure about how much support that author is offering, free is free if you know what I mean.

  4. ed reading says:

    I just posted my comments over there.
    I really appreciate all of the help that you provide!
    I’d like to post a reply to your “coding” post when I get some time.
    Keep up the good woek!

  5. ed reading says:

    I got a response.
    It doesn’t work with points.

  6. Yeah, it doesn’t work for anything with text like labels, tables or pipes. But it does work on surfaces, points, alignments, profile views and profiles (anything that doesn’t involve text) including referenced objects.